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          Рассылка N2 - Январь 2012 


    • Задание 1.

1) The party was fun last weekend.

2) They were watching a movie when Ernesto called.

3) Jessie was tired. So, he went to sleep.

4) When she was a little girl, Margo was very good at tennis. She practiced a lot. 

5) My friends and I were playing at the beach last weekend.

6) Kendra is a girl with dark hair and brown eyes.

7) The movie was really boring. So, I decided to read a book.

8) After playing outside, my dog was very dirty. She came into the house and ran into my room. It was such a mess!

9) The car is not new. In fact, it is very old. Therefore, it didn't cost very much.

10) I am not ready to go. Please wait up for me!!! 

    • Задание 2

1, Sarah _is__ big. 

2, Peter and Sarah _are_ big.

3. You _are__ big.

4. I _am___ big.

5. Peter and I _are__ big.

    • Задание 3

1. _A__ kite

2. __An_ apple

3. __A_cow


5. _A__ book







    • Задание 4

Questions and answers: 

What is the main problem in this story?  -  Chief’s daughter was arrested as a suspect for robbery.

How long has Wilcox been Chief?  -  Chief Wilcox was serving as a Chief for 25 years.

Why does Chief want to go home?  - Chief Wilcox was tired after many years of service and wanted to retire.

Why is Officer Simpson nervous?  - Officer Simpson is nervous because Chief’s daughter was arrested for robbery.

What does it mean to be shaky ? – Shaky means unsteady.

    • Задание 5