From author and founder, Maria Sigacheva

Hello and welcome to LanguagePro -the English language course available online at no cost for everyone in Russia and beyond. 
 I am sorry for the limited resource in English as at the present time, there is no need for the whole web-page translation. I hope that this short introduction will be useful. Please do not
hesitate to contact me via for more information or business related proposals. 

The story

I have started working on the project in March 2010 and basically everything built from scratch by myself: the software, web-site, online book and souvenir store, forum. 
The very first version was launched in September 2010 and project became such a popular web-site amongst educational programmes in Russia, that I have added free seminars and  started to communicate with my users via Skype in order to understand the users needs and receive a valuable feedback.

The idea behind is that there is more information available on internet in English language and considering an average salary in the former CIS countries, it is simply impossible for many people to afford the expensive courses, to learn the language! My statistics shows that 90 % have learnt English at the school, but forgot the basics already, and LanguagePro offers exactly what everyone needs: the basic vocabulary, pronunciation, dialogues, tests, seminars for free. Languagepro also promotes approved by the UKBA, the English language courses, schools and colleges in the UK. Of course, there are other programmes available online, such as or rosetta stone; however for older generation their programmes were not considered to be as user friendly and simple for studying as per LanguagePro customers survey. The statistics received shows that the largest percentage of registrations are from age  38 and over (with an average 45-50 years old) ; and the main purposes of studying are to be able to communicate while travelling abroad and also as an assistance in managing the international business transactions.

Video Presentation

Here is a video presentation below, which shows how user can register and login into the software.

LanguagePro in numbers and statistics

Below is a full map overlay of LanguagePro users, which shows a high concentration around the central cities in Russia with over 244 cities and 2,229 visits as of 2nd January 2012.
At the present time, 512 people have already registered on the web-site as students without any marketing involved so far.

The current bounce rate is 40.79%, which is well below 50% and it is a very good sign in measuring how long visitors spend on the LanguagePro web-pages.

This graph shows traffic sources of how people find the web-page, and as you can see, more than 50% is the organic direct referral and search engines.

 Thank you for visiting LanguagePro! Best wishes and please leave a feedback via